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Mind, Body, Spirit


I believe that you are more than the limitations of your mind. Once you are able to free yourself from the conditioning of your stories and past experiences, you will become empowered to make your own decisions and express yourself as a fully sovereign being.



In order to become liberated, you must come back to the body and learn to feel your emotions. By becoming sensitive to the sensations of your body, you will be able to allow your emotions to pass through you completely. When we have the strength and sensitivity to feel all the emotional textures of life, we stop experiences from becoming lodged in the body, diminish our ‘triggers’, and can rest deeper into peacefulness.



I believe that humanity has become disconnected from life because we are no longer aware of our spiritual nature. Spirit is not something that exists beyond us. Spirit is nature, it is the innate workings of our body to keep us alive, it is the rhythmic expansion and contraction of all living things in the universe, and the universe itself. We must relearn how to rest in our nature as part of the Great Mystery of Life.​


My Mission is to help in the creation of a world where humans live in understanding of their connection to the world around them and to each other. We are interdependent beings, meaning that we work as a collective to thrive and survive. Any healing work you do on yourself not only helps you, but is also in service of the whole of humanity.

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