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a 3 day wombyns retreat
26th-28th July

Welcome to Into the Yoniverse - a transformative 3-day retreat for women and wombholders of all ages and backgrounds.

During our weekend together we will journey through the mysticism of womanhood through circles and workshops including; the sacred cycle (birth, death, and rebirth), mother culture/matresence, self compassion santuarcy,
and teachings on the female nervous system. 

We will share our stories, sing, move, and create, to honour each of our unique expressions of what it means to be Woman. 

All of You is welcome here.


mainstream culture has not prepared us for womanhood.

we are tired of figuring it out on our own:

the mess of puberty, periods, and childbirth

facing body shaming, agism, and fear of our own sexuality

raising ourselves as we raise those around us

being treated as though we are suffering 

This 3 day retreat is an opportunity for us to gather, share our stories, and learn tools and practices for integrating the phases of our lives.

we are here to say:

we are not suffering.


we are rewriting the story and remembering who we are.


2 nights stay at The Croft Farm
sister circles
cacao ceremony
ayurvedic nutrition
forest sauna and ice bath

somatic workshops on:
self compassion sanctuary
mother culture/matresence

birth, death, and rebirth
the witch wound
the female nervous system


Located close to London, The Croft Farm is a countryside sanctuary and an eco-consciouswonderland built on a creative festival site, rich with unique charatcer.

Facilites include;
a sauna, a hot tub, icea baths, and acres of
beautiful english countryside


We will be staying in a beautiful coverted barns.

Each room has between 2-4 beds and will be randomly allocated unless you request to stay with a friend.

This retreat operates on a sliding scale between £385-£500.


welcome, sister

My name is Rachael

I have been fascinated by the female experience for as long as I can remember. Ever since my first bleed I knew something was very wrong with the way the world received me. 

Since then I have been on a mission to rediscover and redefine what it means to be a woman. I am honoured to guide you through these three days of magic. 


with workshops by...



This container is operating on a sliding scale.

You can choose your price at your own discretion ranging from £385 - £500.

The lower end of the scale is for those who need extra assistance to join this retreat, and the higher end is for anyone who is able to give extra to support those paying the lower end of the scale.


Contact me for a payment plan at


"The yoga retreat with Rachael in Roatán was 5 enriching days of true bliss. The yoga and workshops were amazing. The entire experience was so well organized and executed perfectly. Rachael manifested a crew of humans from around the globe that joined together in this dreamy experience. I left there wanting more of anything she is offering."

Paulette, CA

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