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The Bliss of Being Retreat Review

In December 2023, I ran a retreat called "The Bliss of Being", set in The Bay Islands of Honduras. A stunning group of Caribbean islands that I now call home.

Despite having run many containers before (retreats, workshops, yoga teacher trainings etc), this was the first time I was running something completely on my own. In the days leading up to the retreat I was excited, nervous, and apprehensive - you never know what is going to unfold when a group of people come together to connect to themselves.

What did happen was beyond what I ever expected - 5 days of pure magic. Each and every person that attended was such an integral part of the group and helped to hold the space and support each other with so much love that my hope for humanity was restored.

Below is a review from one of the guests that brought me to tears when I read it:

"I first met Rachael in 2019 in Guatemala.  I took a yoga class from her and immediately started following her on instagram.  When the 'Blissful Retreat' popped up in my feed and the dates aligned with my availability - I knew it was for me.  I'd never been to Roatan or a yoga retreat but something in me kept pulling at my soul until I knew that I had to go.  I immediately contacted my best travel buddy and the dates also aligned with her schedule - another magical moment.  We reached out to Rachael and we were booked and ready to go.

I didn't know what to expect, but what I left the island with has transformed me forever.  The retreat was so much more than yoga.  The workshops were insightful and I loved how they were presented. I learned about things buried deep within my soul that were peppered out of me through the workshops. I loved how Rachael brought in other teachers that added so much depth and variety to the sessions. Our five days were filled with a lovely road trip to the other side of the island, delicious meals, a snorkeling sunset cruise, and so much more.  Rachael's schedule was perfectly planned out and executed thoughtfully.  

The thing that stands out the most are the people that Rachael brought together.  By the end of the five days, I felt that I had a whole new crew of peeps from around the world who I connected with on a level that I didn't even know I could and needed.  We shared laughs, stories, cries, silences, the sea, meals, dances, encouragement, discoveries, hugs, and love.  Passing around the talking stick (bone, coral?) became one of my favorite activities - connecting with a group of people that really listened, cared, and wanted to share. I could feel the joy in me growing each and every day. Only a super special human could have manifested this kind of group.

The hotel was awesome, the yoga space was dreamy, and I loved hearing the sounds of the rains, winds, and the sea at night.  The staff were always friendly and accomodating. The meals were delicious and I loved that we all ate together. 

The best part of this group was whoever ended up next to you for meals was a win.  I had so many thoughtful, personal, silly, intriguing, and just all around lovely conversations over the feedings.  

Rachael would say 'enjoy the sounds of the islands' when we would hear birds, the waves, a boat would start, other hotel guests having conversations, or the many other island sounds around . She shared a funny story about a party boat going round and round one of her previous sessions - and just kept saying 'enjoy the sounds of the island'.   It always brought us back to whatever we were doing.  Her voice is magically soothing whenever she speaks.  She is wise beyond her years, a beautiful human inside and out, and I feel blessed that I have met her on my journey to joy.  As I returned home to Los Angeles and the noises of life in and around me, I hoped that I could hang onto the bliss we were blessed with at the retreat for as long as possible. 

Now, whenever something gets too loud, in my head or from my surroundings, I say 'listen to the sounds of the island' and I hear Rachael's faerie voice pulling me back to the blissful yoga space and the time of our magical retreat.

If you ever have the chance to take part in anything that Rachael is doing - don't hesitate - run towards it - and jump in with open arms - you won't be sorry and you'll be amazed at how she stretches your heart. 

Namaste!  "

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